"Since day one, we have had an incredible experience with the Bandits. Their representatives are thorough and communicate detailed information straight into our CRM. The Bandits have increased our number of appointments set, in turn leading to higher closing percentages. Customer service with the company has been A+ in handling any questions or changes we have encountered.  The Bandits assist us in contact with new customers as well as current customers we are looking to upgrade. I would highly recommend a partnership!"  - KELLEY ROCK, INTERNET MANAGER, CARVER TOYOTA OF COLUMBUS

“I definitely did my homework before choosing to outsource our BDC Department, and after a lot of due diligence I decided to go with the Bandits. We have three stores in the Tulsa, OK area and we decided to try the Bandits out at our Buick/GMC store first to see how it would work. We were so thrilled with the results and teamwork the Bandits showed us, we quickly moved to bring them on-board at our Ford store and then our RV store. They are doing an amazing job for all three of our stores, and our manager’s love working with them.” – DARIN CALLISON, CIO / Digital Marketing Director BOB HURLEY AUTO GROUP, 10+YEAR INDUSTRY VETERAN​

​“We were referred to the Bandits by an old friend in the car business. We looked in to the program and thought it would be a perfect fit for our store, and it was. Our internet department loves working with them, and they do a tremendous job of reaching our leads and setting appointments for my team. If you need more appointments in your store, the Bandits are definitely the way to go.” – JOE ALVAREZ, MANAGING PARTNER CHEVROLET OF SPARTANBURG, 35-YEAR INDUSTRY VETERAN

​"We love the way the BANDITS handle our high end clientele. They are aggressive enough to make sure we do not miss any opportunities, yet they do it with the respect and class our customers have come to expect.." - JOHN LEMASTERS, GENERAL MANAGER FIVE-STAR AUTO OF TAMPA, 35-YEAR INDUSTRY VET

"PHONE BANDITS totally eliminated the need for our struggling BDC department. High costs and turnover were killing us. The BANDITS eliminated all of that. Now, we have more appointments than we ever had before & half the stress. We're saving money & selling more cars." -JIM FRANCIS, GENERAL MANAGER MAINSTAY AUTO SALES, 15-YEAR INDUSTRY VET

"We use PHONE BANDITS to set our appointments, but we still like our sales team to follow up with past customers. PHONE BANDITS helped train our team on the proper way to communicate with our customers. It's made a huge difference with our customer satisfaction numbers. We're receiving more referrals & customers are happier than ever before. PHONE BANDITS also trained my service team on how to interact with our customers, and our CSI numbers have gone way up!"  - JOHN BLANCHAR, GENERAL SALES MANAGER, ANGELS AUTOS, 18-YEAR INDUSTRY VET

"The cost of using the BANDITS is so minimal it's crazy not to give them a shot. They saved our dealership so much money we were able to hire more staff in other areas and increase our marketing budget, which generated more leads & more sales. We saved a fortune by eliminating our BDC department, and we also eliminated a mountain of stress the BDC department was generating for management & the sales team. Now we are saving money & selling more cars." - RICK MATTSON , GENERAL SALES MANAGER, SANDLER CARS & TRUCKS, 12-YEAR INDUSTRY VET

"PHONE BANDITS does a great job of dealing with the massive amount of leads we get. They are relentless in their pursuit of our leads, and their Synchronized Calling Strategy generates more appointments than anything we have ever seen." - SAL ZUMMO, SALES MANAGER CRYSTAL CHRYSLER, JEEP, DODGE, RAM, 10-YEAR INDUSTRY VET