Would you like to have a complimentary analysis of your businesses e-commerce data performed by our team of technology professionals?

We can review your current leads, lead to conversion rates, scripts, e-mail & text templates, and appointment setting techniques and advise you on improvements and alternatives.

We also offer staff training if that is your preference! We will send our team of professional trainers to your location and train your team on site, or you can choose on-line training. The choice is yours!



​PHONE BANDITS industry leading conversion rate will increase your lead to appointment rates drastically. Appointments and Sales will skyrocket!

Our intelligent "Client Conversion Attack System" (CCAS)TM  uses a scientific algorithm to insure that all leads are followed up in a consistent and intelligent manner for 30-days through calling, texting, and e-mailing.

Each lead is contacted at different times of the day on different days of the week to insure the best chance of customer contact. PHONE Bandits will attempt to reach each of your leads in the early morning hours, late morning hours, early afternoon, late afternoon, in the evening, on weekdays, and on Saturdays.

If our PHONE Bandit callers and intelligent technology cannot get your customers engaged - no one can!


Improve your appointment setting results with PHONE Bandits call center services. We call, text, and email your prospects and set appointments for your team. appointment setting. appointment setters. appointment setting company. appointment setting technology. call center. call center services.

"Since day one, we have had an incredible experience with the Bandits. Their representatives are thorough and communicate detailed information straight into our CRM. The Bandits have increased our number of appointments set, in turn leading to higher closing percentages. Customer service with the company has been A+ in handling any questions or changes we have encountered.  The Bandits assist us in contact with new customers as well as current customers we are looking to upgrade. I would highly recommend a partnership!"  - KELLEY ROCK, INTERNET MANAGER, CARVER TOYOTA OF COLUMBUS

PHONE Bandits understands that in sales, "Speed To Call" means EVERYTHING!

That's why PHONE BANDITS uses advanced technology to contact leads within minutes of lead generation. Depending on your computer system, leads can be contacted as soon as the lead arrives.

You'll never have to worry about another company contacting your prospects before you can. PHONE Bandits uses a lightning quick auto-lead entry system to insure rapid response time to all new leads.

For those not on auto-lead entry, spreadsheets are downloaded within minutes of submission and are immediately served up to our call center professionals. Simply send us your CSV Excel spreadsheet and we'll take care of the rest!